What do you think about your copy?

Is it kinda like this? It’s there and you’re trying to catch a random water drop from the sky.


Even the thought of it is so fraught these days. Is it copy you got from ChatGPT? Jasper? Claude? Your mother-in-law? (Those are all AI, BTW.)

Of even bigger, when was the last time you had a moment to put some thought into your branding and marketing?

If you’re an early-stage founder, you are going a million miles a minute, licking the air, hoping to catch it all. At this point of the business — it is all on you.

Or more accurately, it’s in you. Your brain and your heart.

When you first start your business…

You’ve done some good thinking about your brand that you want to create, then you get to building and producing.

The business grows. You grow. And then you’ll find yourself staring again at your emails or your website or your packaging and think, “Something isn’t quite right here.”

You need to step back and see what is now your big picture. That’s hard to do on your own, so you need a thought partner, a trusted advisor who can give you a kind and unbiased perspective, one that is rooted in your success.

You need a copythinker. And that’s where I come in.

April and I have been feeling some growing pains coming into year #6 of our business and Mike helped us take a step back and see the big picture. We felt ready for a messaging refresh but weren’t quite sure of where to start. This is exactly what we needed to get the conversation started and Mike made it easy and fun!

April and Earl King, Better Than Provisions

A little thinking goes a long way.

In an increasingly AI-driven world, you’re going to find a lot of copy everywhere. And a good chunk of it is usable and good. What’s different is that it lacks context.



Really, any sort of humanity.

Copythinking is solving for badly generated copy and content writing (by either human or robot). It is working together to understand what words are going to work best. It is both about what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. 

That is the aim of a copythinking workshop. If you give me one hour of your time with your current copywriting and content, I will help you think the right thoughts, so that the right customer will pick up what you’re laying down and you’ll get better results within the next 3-6 months. 

Copythinking workshops

I offer two kinds of workshops based on your needs.

Brand Audit

What’s that? It’s simply taking how you’re presenting yourself to the world and seeing what we think. Brand guidelines, websites, whatever you’re using – I look it over and based on your business goals and questions, give my kind and unbiased perspective.

It’s a general overview. If you’re scaling your brand, what are some ways to do this. Launching a new product and want some thoughts on how it fits under your brand? I can help.

Planning Sessions

This is a good ole fashioned planning session. You have all the ideas in your head (and trust me, you really do). But you need someone to ask you a few questions and put it all down for you. 

Here’s some suggestions: 
Newsletter topic planning
Social media post planning
Website copy refresh
Packaging refresh
Brand guidelines once-over

What does that really look like for me?

Good question. Here’s how it works?

  1. After we’ve scheduled, you’ll fill out an intake form and send me whatever you have that you want me to look over.
  2. I’ll look at what you’ve sent me, plus all your public-facing materials. If you have a brand guidelines, I’ll look at that, too.
  3. At our session, I’ll go through what I’ve seen and my thoughts based on what you want to discuss. This really is a discussion, so I will ask you several times if I’m picking up what you’re laying down.
  4. You’ll receive a pretty thorough document highlighting our session plus clear next steps and suggestions on how to move forward. So that could be 20 solid ideas for your email marketing; or 5-10 strong campaign copy starts you can use as your launching point, or a reframe of your messaging pillars with content generators to anchor each pillar.
  5. And if you want, we can talk about your feelings.

One Very Big Note

This isn’t a full strategy or brand building session. That would take a lot more time and effort, and a lot more of your budget. As you’re still in the relative early stages, you’re still building. I’m helping to point you in the right direction. 

That said…these sessions often lead to great partnerships, so if you’re interested in expanding the work post-session, we’ll talk.

Suncliffe’s copythinking session  with Mike Plunkett was very invaluable. His wealth of experience and perspective on our overall marketing strategy has given us the confidence to implement some exciting new ideas.”

Clare Byrne, Suncliffe Gin

Why Me?

Not like, “oh woe is me” ’cause you won’t feel that after we get to thinking.

Why should you trust me to help you?

I can look at what you’re doing and pinpoint exactly what’s working, what’s not working and help you get a plan together. It doesn’t take long – about an hour of your time and a few hours of mine.

What’s helped me become a copythinker?

I’m a former journalist who worked for newspapers in Texas, California, and at The Washington Post for 7 years. You learn in journalism how to observe. Everything. Because the facts matter and that comes from observation and asking good questions.

I’m a current brand copywriter who partners with consumer goods and health brands to get their stories moving in the right direction. From a Fortune 125 company to two doctors starting a new protein bar, I put the right words in the right places for the right results. You can see my work here.

My master’s degree in Communication Management from the Annenberg School at USC (Fight On!) taught me about branding and communications but also about good research, what a real strategy is and how it works, being stakeholder-focused and most importantly, focusing on excellence.

If you’re into Gallup CliftonStrengths: Strategic is my top strength. In fact, strategic thinking traits are the majority of my top ten.

But mostly, I care. If we work together, I want you to succeed. Being a small business owner isn’t easy and it’s on you. You learn new skills but you’re building a plane mid-air. At the very least, you can have someone up in the air help you do a QA check – not sure how much this metaphor is flying, but there you go.

This exceeded expectations! What an opportunity to improve my brand elements with clarity and action items to aide my business goals.”

Rachel D’Acquisto, Ray Ray’s Sonoran Spirit Tea

Ready to think about your copy?