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Services: Web copywriting

Wanna use all the ways to talk about drinking Well?

The Calgary-based company has the top juice drinks throughout Canada and parts of the U.S. They came to Crew Marketing Partners wanting to spruce up their website and branding. And Crew came to me needing website copy that would showcase the Well brand in their two products. We highlighted the high quality of the juices and the vodka. Game recognizes game in each bottle.

Even though it’s two different products, Well was founded by the same person. His goal was to communicate the spirit (yes, that pun is intended) of Well Cocktails and Well Juices without being inauthentic. They are health-focused and only use the best juices for their products. Tone was crucial: real but down with it. The “About Us” on both sites shows that … well:

Agency: Crew Marketing Partners
Chief Creative Officer: Gerald Schoenhoff
Accounts team: Nannette Anzola
Creative Director: Daniel Ryu
Web Producer: Cameron Duncalfe
Writer: Mike Plunkett