It’s time to Own Your Pop.

Services: Brand Strategy, Messaging, Copywriting (Packaging)

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The Makers of Hardbite Chips (the top-selling snack in Canada) had been wanting to pop up kettle-cooked popcorn for a while. After delays, COVID, etc, they finally had their shot. They had a name and there was an initial brand strategy and packaging done a few years back, but they wanted something different. 

They wanted a brand that would stand out in a fairly crowded category, represented by longtime stalwarts and a few upstarts.

Oh and we had a few days to do it. And by a few days, they mean Friday. 

Mind you, I’m not a Gen Zer (proud member of the Oregon Trail generation here), so the trick was to find the right voice and tone. How would Poptastic stand out?

Gerald (Crew CCO) mentioned something about popped culture. I asked …hey, did Hardbite change the culture of chips? Do they want to do it here? They did and they want to do that here.

And we were off to the races. We created a Maverick brand that owned style. You’re a real influencer, not just playing one on TV. We created characters with great flavors, combined with amazing packaging and social media opportunities.

To top it off, we needed a tagline that spoke about the popcorn but really about taking hold of everything that is truly you.

Own Your Pop. Yep, that’s it.

This was lots of fun…one of the best I’ve worked on. It just launched across Canada – already in Whole Foods and all the top Canada retailers. 

When they’re done, Popped Culture will never be the same.

Agency: Crew Marketing Partners
Chief Creative Officer: Gerald Schoenhoff
Accounts team: Michelle Coates
Creative Director: Daniel Ryu
Designers: Morgan Hueston and Bryan McAllister
Writer: Mike Plunkett
Production Designer: Cliff Borromeo