Kelowna’s Gospel Mission

Unshakeable Hope. That is KGM.

Services: Brand Strategy, Messaging, Copywriting (website)

What comes to mind when you think of homelessness?

Big question, right?

Your answer, compared to someone’s else answer (the government, nonprofits, businesses directly affected by the unhoused), to such a big issue can lead to a dissonance on what are viable solutions and even, what is the ongoing reality of homelessness in a particular town.

That’s where storytelling comes into play: framing such a complex issue in a way that both tells a story and makes an argument.

That’s what Crew Marketing Partners and I aimed to do with Kelowna’s Gospel Mission’s rebrand and new website. Carmen Rempel and her amazing team have a point of view. They are offering more than a “bed and a sandwich.” Rather, they offer a holistic program based on the unshakeable hope they have for each person that comes through their door. It’s both aspirational and sober-minded.

The website was an opportunity to tell as much of a complete story as we can about KGM’s work and their story about what is happening within the province. In thinking through the brand, we took a quasi-journalistic approach to the copy. Life on the Streets is the effect of hopelessness. Much has been done and many places like BC have achieved success with Functional Zero. Yet, there’s so much more than needs to happen.

Truly, God Bless KGM and what they do.

Thanks for all your work on this project! We love it!

Carmen Rempel, Kelowna’s Gospel Mission executive director

Agency: Crew Marketing Partners
Chief Creative Officer: Gerald Schoenhoff
Accounts team: Josh Cairns, Daniel Alfred
Senior Designer: Kali Ekeli
Writer: Mike Plunkett