Does your brand

need herding?


Is your brand working for you?

You produce a CPG product and it’s great. But not enough people know about it. 

You operate a health company that can make a real impact. But no one truly understands exactly what you’re doing. 

You run a B2B consumer goods startup or have been in business for years. But in the minds of your target audience, you and your competitors are all saying the same thing. 

The foundation is there. But you’ve yet to find your unique spot within your category. You need better flow with your customer fan base. And for goodness sake, you need to sell more product. 

Values and passion got you this far. Now, it’s time to get results. 

If that is you, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Mike Plunkett, a former journalist turned copywriter and copythinker who helps consumer goods companies and social impact organizations get their brands moving in the right direction. I can help you better connect with your customers, set you apart in your category, and sell more products and raise your brand awareness.

How I can help you

Valuable copywriting and copy editing

What’s the value-add for having me write and edit copy for you? I’ve worked on everything from articles to white papers. I know how to emulate your voice and style, or help you create yours.

Sound branding and marketing strategies

I’ve produced branding and marketing strategies that help drive business goals forward. Your brand is your currency and you should work with someone who knows how to use it.

Mission-driven, public-facing messaging

From creating a new mission and vision statement to getting your boilerplate spot on, I’ll walk (and even run, if you’re a runner) with you to bring your brand to life.

Kind and unbiased communications consulting

Want a new perspective on your brand? Or have a million ideas for your next campaign but don’t know where to start? My copythinking sessions can help you gain clarity.

Meet Mike Plunkett

I’m the founder and principal of G.B.B. Creative and I love great stories. I’ve spent more than 15 years in journalism and communications, in newsrooms and nonprofits, sharing those stories with the world.

The LinkedIn bio: I’m a former journalist who’s worked for newspapers throughout the country. The last stop was the The Washington Post, where I wrote about health, wellness, tech and business. My articles were syndicated in more than 100 outlets worldwide, including the Chicago Tribune, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Sydney Morning Herald. I moved into content marketing and copywriting in 2017 and I now partner with agencies and companies to help shape consumer goods brands. Check out some of my work here.

Me, my wife Megan, and our corgi Bentley, reside in Tucson, Arizona.

MIke Plunkett portrait
Mike Plunkett is the founder and principal of Good Boy Bentley (G.B.B.) Creative


Expertise and professionalism

When we were recently preparing to launch a new product, Mike was the first person I called for marketing help. He’s a respected creative and can always be relied upon to bring expertise and professionalism to every project. Although Mike is best known for his writing talent, G.B.B. Creative is not one dimensional. Beyond content creation, writing and editing, Mike’s voice at the table was critical to building a successful brand strategy, too.

Craig Paddock
Paddock Productions

An uber-reliable pro

Known to most as a journalist, Mike Plunkett is also secretly a branding whiz, communications guru, and top-notch project wrangler. I’ve worked with Mike on two year-long pro bono annual report projects for non-profit clients through the Taproot Foundation. He is an uber-reliable pro who made both projects a success — in fact, I sought Mike out for the second project because I so valued working with him on the first one.

Rob Riordan
Director of Advancement Communications, George Mason University

His insights and expertise were invaluable

I was confused about how to put together a content marketing plan for my communications firm because there are just so many platforms and not enough hours in the day. Mike analyzed my metrics and asked me thoughtful questions about my company goals. He mapped out a strategy I could immediately put into action for my business. I went from stuck to having a step-by-step strategy for results. His insights and expertise were invaluable.

Theola DeBose
Principal, GraySide Media Group

Impressed with his ability

I hired Mike Plunkett to write articles in line for Overlap’s content marketing strategy. I was impressed with his ability to bring technical articles on digital health, health care policy and research to life and make them lively and engaging to read. I called on his editing skill to edit our 4,000-plus article on remote patient monitoring, putting the work of two different writers into one cohesive piece that matched Overlap’s voice. Even after our work at Overlap ended, I still call on him for advice and counsel. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a strong healthtech writer and editor.

David Haddad
Founder and CEO, Overlap Health

A Professional and a Pleasure to Work With

Mike is a professional and a pleasure to work with. He represents all the best qualities we look for and appreciate in a writer including conscientiousness, curiosity, and conciseness. He hits deadlines, delivers interesting and engaging work, and understands assignments quickly and accurately. Whether it’s an email newsletter, white paper, success story, or branding copy, Mike is always one of our first calls. We’re grateful for his skills, expertise, and client service sensibilities, and highly recommend him for anyone looking for the right words to bring their idea, product, service, or cause to life.

John Stevenson
Founder, Client Kudos

Mike is an intelligent business copywriter

“Mike is a great content creator, but more importantly he’s an intelligent business copywriter. He knows how to fully dig into a brand’s core and has a fabulous balance of content strategy for scale and SEO, while maintaining the brand voice and core message. That’s a rare talent. His process ensures a comprehensive understanding of your audiences, value props, and goals for any project or brand, which ultimately leads to better results. I highly recommend Mike for any content project that needs the care and attention of a great copywriter!”

Brandon Molnar
Founder, StackIt Digital

Mike is a consummate professional

I have worked with Mike for a couple of years now on a wide range of client projects and industries. Mike is a consummate professional, bringing deep curiosity and critical thinking to uncover the truth in every scenario. His writing gets to the heart of the need, and always finds a real, emotional connection with the audience he’s communicating to. Mikes ability to work under pressure, maintain a positive attitude and work seamlessly with our team is of incredible value. He isn’t afraid to challenge both the ask or the client in order to deliver a successful solution and does so with grace and approachability. I can’t recommend Mike enough. He’s amazing. 

Rachel Latkolik
Creative Director, Crew Marketing Partners

Let’s get your brand moving in the right direction.